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diggerlicious in sainthenri

Church garden on the corner of St. Jacques & Courcelle:

There is presently a guy named Mike camping in the back of the garden with the statue of Jesus with out-stretched arms, with his six puppies and two dogs. He's living there having been evicted from his apartment and while waiting a ride to PEI. The puppies are looking for homes. They're Rottie-Matane mixes. Uber cute. Yes, this is back-yard breeding. But yes also, these pups are living beings in need of homes. And Mike can probably do with aid and assistance also, if you happen to be passing by.....



Citizens' committee


I was hoping you could contact me as we have similar interests. I,m vewry involved in the community here and would love your input. You can reach me at villagedestanneries@gmail.com


Re: Citizens' committee

Hi Jody, it's Helen, Digger's mom. We've met! You gave me perenials!