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Turcot Interchange

Okay, now to dive into some local news and politics.

As many have heard, there are plans to demolish the Turcot interchange. There is a lot of talk on what to do with that space between the Turcot interchange and the Saint Pierre interchange (between the canal and the escarpment). There are two very interesting and brief articles in our local community newspaper, Voix Populaire.
L’échangeur Turcot sera démoli. June 28, 2007. Voix popularie.
De biens beaux projets. Quand le Sud-Ouest domine la scène médiatique. July 13, 2007. Voix Populaire.

Did you know there was a lake in the Turcot interchange area once upon a time, and it was in-filled during the 19th century? Wouldn't be nice to have a park there?

Read more about the Projet Lac à la Loutre, Le Devoir July 9, 2007. Un «Central Park» montréalais près de l'ancien échangeur Turcot?