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Walking Turcot Yards

All that research on the Turcot yards yesterday landed me with a goldmine of information, which i will not (i promise!) swamp ya all with....

with the exception of one thing (or two..)

found a really cool blog about the Turcot yards called Walking Turcot Yards. Check it out at http://neath.wordpress.com/. Really amazing photos and discussions about the Turcot area and other abandoned urban spaces.

Do you have ideas on what to do with the Turcot yards? An architectural firm in Montreal has published a plan for the area. It includes a park, a lake, bike paths, new interchanges, housing, commerce, etc. The architectural plans are located at www.blta.ca/Brochure_la_a_loutre.pdf I am curious to hear people's reactions.

Cheers for now!




I am the Turcot Yards guy. I didn't know this blog existed until now, but it looks pretty good. I would love to see a discussion about Turcot happen on here. Let's put our heads together!


That would be Neath at http://neath.wordpress.com
thanks a lot for the info!
I love these kind of thing! urban landscapes and all.
I've lived in Saint-Henri pretty much all my life, and i personally like the wasteland. I see it as a place that nature is slowly reclaiming by itself.

I think it's amazing what happens to a place when it's left undisturbed by humans for a while... green grows between rocks, wildflowers and plants appear, small trees... it's all out there.

And of course, if the "urban planners" have their say, it's all gonna become tamed, and pre-masticated, with turf all over. I prefer the wild flowers and weeds, which are a lot more natural.

... and the turcot yard dude is a much better photographer than i am.
I kinda agree with you.
while I think it's cool that they do something with the area, I don't want them to completly change it into a fake nature walk.
like I said before, I like more urban looking things.

I think we'll lose this one though, the will make some kind of landscape shitty thing.
The street part of St. Remi above where it goes under the tunnel is a perfect example of that. The weeds are taking over the footpath for lack of - well, what exactly? How refreshing to see how fast we'll be taken over when we're all gone.
ooh, thanx for posting this stuff, it's awesome!

and argh, this has me worried for i live on de l'Église in Côte St-Paul and work in NDG :/

4) Rue De L’Eglise will be quite different. If they want to build alongside the current elevated line they will have to take some buildings out and it all may add to the worst traffic nightmare imaginable for Cote Saint Paul, especially as the La Verendrye ramp is going to be completely changed, let alone probable blockages at the Saint Remi tunnel.
just curious, where did you get the quote about 4) Rue de eglise...... is that from the gazette?
Silly me, it was from the Turcot Yards blog.


indeed :)
To further the discussion, the "Walking Turcot Yards" guy posted an entry a couple of weeks ago that includes the plans for the Turcot interchange.

fyi, the plan discussed by Walking Turcot Yards, is the transport quebec plan.


But I do provide my own commentaryon those very plans
the turcot yards have a lot of potential, hopefully, it wont be wasted.