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fred da cat

platypusmtl in sainthenri

new location for St-Henri blog

Hi Folks,

I have started a new blog that is located at sudouest.wordpress.com aka Exploring Southwest Montreal. It is broader in scope than this community, it includes the Sud-Ouest arrondissement, and I shall be exploring history, events, and curiousities.

The switch to wordpress isn't meant as a snub to my regular viewers. I simply decided that Wordpress provides a better space for hosting a blog (more flexibility and it is possible to host it on a webserver...).

This doesn't mean that Saint-Henri neighbourhood spot will be defunct, people can still contribute. It is an open community for Live Journal members! If anyone is interested in being a co-moderator of St-Henri neighbourhood spot please let me know. I will continue to participate in Livejournal because it is an excellent networking tool, and a wonderful place to make new friends.


Platypusmtl aka Fred da Cat