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Sep. 24th, 2007


dog journal

A new community for Saint Henri dogs, immaginatively called:


Please join!

Jul. 27th, 2007

fred da cat


new location for St-Henri blog

Hi Folks,

I have started a new blog that is located at sudouest.wordpress.com aka Exploring Southwest Montreal. It is broader in scope than this community, it includes the Sud-Ouest arrondissement, and I shall be exploring history, events, and curiousities.

The switch to wordpress isn't meant as a snub to my regular viewers. I simply decided that Wordpress provides a better space for hosting a blog (more flexibility and it is possible to host it on a webserver...).

This doesn't mean that Saint-Henri neighbourhood spot will be defunct, people can still contribute. It is an open community for Live Journal members! If anyone is interested in being a co-moderator of St-Henri neighbourhood spot please let me know. I will continue to participate in Livejournal because it is an excellent networking tool, and a wonderful place to make new friends.


Platypusmtl aka Fred da Cat

Jul. 19th, 2007



exploring the falaise st. jacques

There is an excellent blog about the Falaise St. Jacques which nicely illustrates the wilderness of the Turcot Yards and the neighbouring escarpment. The blog is written by Andy Riga, a Montreal Gazette reporter. It has interesting musings, photos, maps, and links to city of Montreal documents.

Jul. 16th, 2007

librarian on board


Walking Turcot Yards

All that research on the Turcot yards yesterday landed me with a goldmine of information, which i will not (i promise!) swamp ya all with....

with the exception of one thing (or two..)

found a really cool blog about the Turcot yards called Walking Turcot Yards. Check it out at http://neath.wordpress.com/. Really amazing photos and discussions about the Turcot area and other abandoned urban spaces.

Do you have ideas on what to do with the Turcot yards? An architectural firm in Montreal has published a plan for the area. It includes a park, a lake, bike paths, new interchanges, housing, commerce, etc. The architectural plans are located at www.blta.ca/Brochure_la_a_loutre.pdf I am curious to hear people's reactions.

Cheers for now!

Jul. 15th, 2007



Turcot Interchange

Okay, now to dive into some local news and politics.

As many have heard, there are plans to demolish the Turcot interchange. There is a lot of talk on what to do with that space between the Turcot interchange and the Saint Pierre interchange (between the canal and the escarpment). There are two very interesting and brief articles in our local community newspaper, Voix Populaire.
L’échangeur Turcot sera démoli. June 28, 2007. Voix popularie.
De biens beaux projets. Quand le Sud-Ouest domine la scène médiatique. July 13, 2007. Voix Populaire.

Did you know there was a lake in the Turcot interchange area once upon a time, and it was in-filled during the 19th century? Wouldn't be nice to have a park there?

Read more about the Projet Lac à la Loutre, Le Devoir July 9, 2007. Un «Central Park» montréalais près de l'ancien échangeur Turcot?

Jul. 10th, 2007


Church garden on the corner of St. Jacques & Courcelle:

There is presently a guy named Mike camping in the back of the garden with the statue of Jesus with out-stretched arms, with his six puppies and two dogs. He's living there having been evicted from his apartment and while waiting a ride to PEI. The puppies are looking for homes. They're Rottie-Matane mixes. Uber cute. Yes, this is back-yard breeding. But yes also, these pups are living beings in need of homes. And Mike can probably do with aid and assistance also, if you happen to be passing by.....

Jul. 1st, 2007



Upcoming Sud-Ouest Council Meeting

I went to the June 5th meeting and it was very informative. If you want change, this is the place to go! The question and answer period was lengthy, but it allows citizens to submit petitions and to ask questions to their council representatives. You either get answers during the metting or shortly thereafter. The mayor of the borough is very sharp, and knows her stuff. I was quite impressed by her mediation skills and her answers.

Next meeting: July 3rd, 2007
Location: Council chambers, Sud-Ouest "Borough/City" Hall (Salle du conseil, mairie d’arrondissement). 815 Bel-Air, 2nd Floor. Map It.
Time: 7 PM
Agenda : (Ordre du jour – Assemblée du 3 juillet 2007) PDF format.


Oscar Peterson's St-Henri

I was listening to Oscar Peterson and was reminded that he has a composition called "Place Saint Henri", as part of the Canadiana Suite. To have a listen, go to this website:www.collectionscanada.ca/4/2/m3-6126-e.html. You will need real audio.

Inspired, I went surfing on the net and found on the CBC Archive website an Oscar Peterson interview called Growing up in Montreal's Saint-Henri.


Jun. 19th, 2007



(no subject)

yo. joined the community about a month ago. Been a 26 year resident of St-Henri ( since i was 2).The moment I'm able to jury-rig my website back up, i'll be doing mini-feature and picture posts. until then, huzzah.

Jun. 13th, 2007

fred da cat


Exhibit at Galerie St-Ambroise (Lorraine Pritchard - Robert Truszkowski)

Exhibit name: "Stra.ta - Stra.tum"
Artist: Lorraine Pritchard - Robert Truszkowski
Galerie St-Ambroise
4030 rue St-Ambroise suite 105.  Map it!
May 30th to June 23rd, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday
12:00 to 17:00

Gallery Website
Website about Lorraine Pritchard & website about Robert Truszkowski

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