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very fun visit to a miniature rural community in Saint-Henri

Hi Everyone,

I visited a wonderful art installation right here in Saint-Henri. It is part of the same exhibit described in an earlier entry and I must say it was great!

Picture doll house size: barn, house, grain elevator, hockey rink, barn, mechanic shop, and rec centre. Tiny sculptures of people, furniture, tractors, cars, and other intricate things. A "live" hockey game, and a functioning grain elevator (now that is something you don't see every day!). There are animations, doors that are remote controlled and lot of other sights.

To have a preview visit the artist's website of his miniature town. If you want to see the real thing, simply walk down Saint-Antoine and go to the Parisian Laundry. Fun for kids age 5 to 105.

Tags: art (exhibit), montreal, parisian laundry, sculptures, st-henri
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